Here’s a clever design concept spotted over at Dornob:

A series of nine, biodegradable plastic ‘Tin Can Lids’ created by young Brit designer Jack Bresnahan for this past July’s New Designers graduate show in London. Each lid transforms an ordinary (and frequently recycled and/or landfilled) household object, the tin can, into a functional household object like a toothbrush holder, vase, soap pump, or desktop organizer.


Pretty nifty. Here’s part of Bresnahan’s design statement:

Green issues are at the heart of everything that Jack Bresnahan does.  A passionate believer that designers must take responsibility for their designs from conception to disposal, Jack feels that ‘anything that ends up in landfill is simply poor design’.

His aim through his designs is to create products that make environmentally friendly goods more accessible and help to make day to day living greener. This is not a blinkered crusade however, as while his designs are always created within a green framework he balances this with a drive to develop products that are both useful and good to look at.

In an attempt to breathe new life into old rubbish, Jack has created a range of nine different biodegradable plastic lids, that can be placed on the top of a freshly washed baked beans can for example and transform its purpose. From a vase to a soap dispenser, a sugar pourer to toothbrush holder, money box to desk tidy and tea and coffee canisters, these stylish lids take tin cans to a whole new level.

Check out all nine of Bresnahan’s innovative tin can toppers above and below. And while you’re at it, take a look at this great, recent post from MNN food blogger Robin about ways to reuse old coffee cans around the kitchen.

Via [Dornob] via [Dezeen]

Photos via Deezen

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Terrific tin can toppers
Young designer Jack Bresnahan's series of nine biodegradable plastic lids breathe new life into ordinary tin cans.