Just in time for the holidays, here’s a rather curious-looking modular garden shed from the U.K., ideal for hiding out from and stashing visiting relatives in (not that I would ever dream of doing such a thing) ...
The creation of architect David Ajasa-Adekunle of London-based Innovation Imperative, Tetra Shed is being primarily marketed as a “modern garden office space” but like other prefab ADUs (accessory dwelling units), its applications aren’t strictly limited to a backyard workspace: it can be used as guest quarters, yoga or art studio, kid’s play area, or whatever you want it to be. And given the somewhat sinister-looking appearance the futuristic, tent-like unit takes on when completely folded up and painted black, the unit (Shedworking dubs it as a “Darth Vader’s Shed” which is the exact same thing that crossed my mind when I saw it) could make for an excellent “adult time-out” area. Off to the Death Star Mini you go, you naughty husband!
And this is cool: for larger gardens or non-residential applications like pop-up retail spaces, tourism facilities, exhibition spaces, and classrooms, a single modular unit can be expanded by adding up to six additional modules to create little Tetra clusters. The exterior of the timber-framed Tetra Shed can be custom painted or finished with copper, zinc, corten steel, or marine plywood while the inside of the structure can be lined with either plasterboard or birch-faced plywood. LED lighting strips are also available.
Images: Tetra Shed

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Tetra Shed: For all of your home office and adult time-out needs
Tetra Shed is a backyard office solution. Joining the ranks of backyard bubbles, boxes and pods comes the Tetra Shed, a modular 'modern garden office' that look