Wow. Five hundred blog posts already? It seems like just yesterday that I published my first post, on LED holiday lights, on a soft-launched version of MNN. But it wasn’t yesterday. It was on Nov. 24, 2008 … exactly a year ago today.

I must say, time does indeed fly when reporting on green home news — sustainable design, green architecture and building, recycling, gardening, events, household products, energy- and money-saving home improvements — because there's never been a “what in the world am I going to write about now?” moment. There's always something brewing. It’s been an exciting year for eco-consciousness and I hope that my coverage has reflected that.

As always, please feel free to drop a line in the comments section if there’s something that you like, don’t like, want to see more of, want to see less of, or if you just want to say hola. And thank you for catching the occasional typo and not berating me for my frequent punning and oft-obscure pop culture references. It’s much appreciated.

In celebration of 500 MNN posts, here’s a look back at a few highlights from the last year … 25 posts that I particularly enjoyed writing and thought you enjoyed reading and might want to revisit. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

• December 4: Is the condo always greener on the other side?

One after another, LEED-certified high-rise residential buildings are being erected in Manhattan’s Battery Park City neighborhood.

• December 24: The green home audit

The first in a series of unscientific, slightly intrusive green home audits where unsuspecting homeowners (my parents) are visited by a green home auditor (me).

• January 16: Ancient teak that speaks

I visit the studio of Jason Lamberth who makes home furnishings out of sustainable “buried” teak from Indonesia.

• February 9: A Green Acres for the new millennium

On TV sitcoms, a good chunk of the action takes place in the characters’ homes. When will these prime-time domiciles get green makeovers?

• February 12: Little green house on the Bowery

I attend the opening party for the Green Depot, the fabulous, LEED-certified green home-supply store in Manhattan.

• February 23: Captain Can

To honor the MNN-hosted return of eco-super hero cartoon, Captain Planet, I recommend six ways superdudes can spiff up their bathrooms with green gusto.

• February 26: Gone to the Dogs

The Obama family finally settles on a Portuguese water dog named Bo (a gift from the late Ted Kennedy). I give my recommendations for a few eco-friendly canine bedding options fit for a First Pooch.

• March 9: The Green Building Magician

Meet Frank McKinney, the flashy, Fabio-haired real estate "artist" behind the $29 million green mansion, Acqua Liana.

• March 20: Ding, dong, Irene Calling

Seen all the ads offering the consulting services of Green Irene? Who exactly is this green guru-ess, and should you let her into your home?

• April 27: The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Composter

Yes. You read that right. The communal literary-themed worm bin is in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and I’ve got photos.

• May 5: The $75K green mobile home

After beginning marketing in January, Clayton's i-house is finally been priced. Will there be any takers?

• June 5: Rogue Amish Outhouses

The rigidly archaic Swartzentruber Amish sect butts heads with authorities over decidedly old-school sanitation methods.

• June 8: A wicked green Q & A

Filmmaker and urban farmer Ian Cheney explains how his documentary, The Greening of Southie, is helping inform and entertain the blue-collar construction trade.

• June 16: A prefab palace and a lilliputian pied-à-terre

Two attention-grabbing home designs: Daniel Libeskind's prefab villa and a pint-sized "Shed for Living" from UK-based firm FKDA Architects.

• June 24: It takes two

Writer, industrial designer and certified poo doyen Virginia Gardiner explains her low-tech waterless toilet, LooWatt.

• July 7: Brad Pitt’s sweet 14

Fourteen new duplex designs from a slew of top architects are announced as part of Brad Pitt’s New Orleans rebuilding effort, Make it Right.

• August 3: Franken Fixes

Soda bottle sprinklers and wire hanger toilet paper holders are just two of the weird, wonderful DIY contraptions at the website, There, I Fixed It.

• August 5: The Girl from ‘Impeenema’

A TV ad campaign in Brazil urges folks to urinate in the shower to conserve water ... and save the rain forests.

• August 24: Wonderful, weird and wheeled

The Camper Bike and the Porta Hedge give the traditional mobile home concept a peculiar new twist.

• September 2: Extreme rainwater harvesting

Meet 'Rain Man' Jerry Block of Mount Sereno, Calif. whose backyard rainwater harvesting system can collect 20,000 gallons annually.

• September 20: The Dutch are coming!

Sustainable design, slow food and senior citizens invade NYC's Governors Island for the Pioneers of Change exhibition.

• October 6: 5 humane critter catchers

As temps fall, tailed boarders may take up residence around the house. Here are five devices that send mice packin'.

• October 14: Going compostal

The Wall Street Journal's Gwendolyn Bounds tests user-friendly composters and strikes inspiration in this compost-shy blogger in the process.

• October 18: Battle of the greenest

Even though Team Germany took the top spot at the 2009 Solar Decathlon, I visited the competition to bestow honors on some of the other entrants.

• November 1: Back to basics: Dr. Bronner’s Classic Liquid Soaps

Just in case you were wondering who in the world is behind this oddly labeled, eco-friendly line of castile soaps.

Top photo/thumbnail: Bobby Virus. All other photos by Matt except for "Shed" by FDKA Architects and "DIY Dishwasher" via There, I Fixed It.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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