Sometimes in order to do something right you must examine something that’s done egregiously wrong. And often, you are forced to take a walk on the shameful side before gaining legitimate dignity and respect.

There’s nothing really congratulatory about yesterday's announcement of who won TreeHugger’s 2009 Anti-Green Awards. I'm hoping this year's winners don't make the cut next year, as well. The Awards — a cautionary celebration of conspicuous consumption, energy inefficiency, high pollutin’, and crimes against conservation — highlight “the worst of everything” in a range of categories such as celebrities (Mariah Carey), automobiles, (the Lamborghini Murciélago), and American City (Bakersfield, Calif.).

The two big losers in the home/design arena are Mumbai’s Antilla and Manhattan’s En-Suite Sky Garage, winning in the Anti-Green Home Design and the Apartment Building categories, respectively. I’m not going to give either building — the world’s most expensive private residence and a luxury apartment building with a car elevator — any further press, but I’ve included video clips about each building below (a strong stomach is recommended for those with fragile eco-sensibilities.) Enjoy!

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The biggest losers
Shameful drum roll please … behold, the top losers in TreeHugger’s 2009 Anti-Green Awards.