For those who like their dwellings small-sized, high-tech, and easily transportable, here’s an attractive prefabricated eco-home design from Europe that’s been making the rounds the past couple of days: the wooden Fincube from Berlin's Studio Aisslinger, the firm responsible for the similarly stunning LoftCube

Although the design team behind Fincube is German, the show house is located near the city of Bolzano in northern Italy’s Dolomite Mountains. Remember how I said the Fincube is transportable? If I had my druthers (not to mention my own Fincube), I’d have it stay put right there.

The Fincube was specifically designed with breathtaking scenery in mind. To allow for optimum window gazing, the 506-square feet of living space — kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living room — is lifted nearly 10 feet from the ground by a pedestal of sorts made from locally sourced larch wood. Since a very small part of the structure actually touches the ground, it requires minimal soil sealing that leaves just a slight mark on wherever one decides to place it.

What’s more, the interior of the Fincube is helically oriented meaning that all the “nuts and bolts” of the home like the walls and fixtures are centrally located in the middle of the structure, leaving the areas around the triple-glazed windows that cover the façade of the Fincube completely unobstructed.

Concerned about peeping toms? The Fincube is wrapped in an additional façade, a wood slat cladding that provides shade, ventilation, and yes, privacy, without taking away from those killer panoramic views. The roof is flat so that it can be greened or solar panels can be installed.

Three models of the Fincube — Premium, Standard, and Ready-to-Move-Into sans furnishings — are available for delivery throughout Europe “whether at Lake Como, the Baltic Sea or in your garden!” 

Via [Jetson Green] via [Design Boom]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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