Florida, the Sunshine State, has gotten plenty of play when it comes to harnessing energy from the sun. The state’s extremely popular solar rebate program is so successful that the state’s yearly budget for the program has been quickly exhausted. Still, renewable energy sources like solar accounts for only 3 percent of the state's power generating capacity according to the Institute for Southern Studies

Another state, however, is in the running to steal a bit of Florida's sunshine. The Garden State, New Jersey, is now home to the nation’s largest roof-mounted solar array. The 185,000 square-foot, week-old array is atop the Atlantic City Convention Center (and I thought AC was powered by poker chips) and consists of over 13,400 photovoltaic panels that generate enough juice to power 280 homes at peak capacity. The panels will provide 25 percent of the convention center’s energy and curb the emission of 2,350 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. Go, Jersey. 

The solar cells were manufactured by San Franciso-based Trina Solar. For information on much smaller-scale, residential solar projects check out SolarHome.org. 

Photos: thegreenelectron

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

The Garden State basks in sunshine
Move over, Florida. The nation’s largest roof-mounted solar array has been completed in Atlantic City, N.J.