Sure, your home might be already filled to the brim with festive, Chinese Zodiac-celebrating rabbit décor, but Easter is just around the corner and you know what that means … more bunny stuff!


Given that for many folks Easter — a religious observance that's become more of an excuse to embellish your home with questionable pastel colors, cute baby animal trinkets, fresh-cut flowers, and eggs dyed not-found-in-nature colors than it is a celebration of the resurrection of J.C. — is a designated "decorating holiday," I thought I’d share a handful of standout, eco-friendly décor items of the non-plastic grass variety to mark the occasion. Some of these items do indeed involve eggs and cute animals like bunnies while others simply help add a much-needed dash of flora-based color to the home. And one is made from dung.


It's also certainly worth mentioning that Easter is also a prime time to resurrect the craft supply box from storage and create your own special DIY Easter decorations. Feel free to tell me about your favorite DIY Easter/springtime decorating projects (and no, egg-dying doesn't count) in the comments section! 


Living Easter Pail @ West Elm ($28)
















Bottle Brush Bunny @ Pottery Barn ($16)















Porcelain Egg Votive Soy Candles w/Porcelain Bunny by Revisions Design Studio @ Supermarket ($29.95)














Topozoo Bunny and Duck Kit @ West Elm ($25)















Decoylab Baby Bunny Modern Animal Clock @ fawn&forest ($58)















Perch! Rabbit with Color Face @ Supermarket ($54)















Blue Hydrangea Tray @ Terrain ($78)
















Hare's Tail Grass Garden in a Bag by Potting Shed Creations @ Branch ($16)















Eco Eggs @ Pottery Barn Kids ($14.99)















Dung Bunny Ecosulpture (Large) @ Dung Bunnies ($28)












Eggling Grow Kits @ Sprout ($9.95)


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

The house bunny: Easter edition
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