I'm not a huge fan of The Colbert Report but I find Stephen Colbert's chat with Michael Reynolds, New Mexico-based eco-architect and subject of the documentary, Garbage Warrior, amusing.

Reynolds, founder of Earthship Biotecture, views trash as a valuable resource and viable building material and obviously has a sense of humor about his unusual method of sustainable building. When discussing one of Reynolds' homes that was constructed entirely out of discarded bottles — bottle bricks — Colbert remarks: " I don't like living in a house that someone else has lived in, let alone a house that anyone drank out of."

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Michael Reynolds
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Below is the official trailer for Garbage Warrior. The award-winning documentary is airing next month on Sundance (it debuted last year and did well on the festival circuit), so check it out in case you missed it the first time around. I also recommend reading up on Reynolds and his "Earthships" and taking a gander at Flickr user Earthship Kirsten's photostream. Fascinating stuff. 


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Stephen Colbert sits down to talk trash with "Garbage Warrior" Michael Reynolds.