In my first post today, I featured the Chaise Lawn Chair, a piece of living furniture with wheels that replaces standard upholstery with grass sod. It’s a chair that you have to be careful doesn’t stain you.

So what about those of us with normal, non-sod/wheeled furniture that’s beginning to show the battle scars of sangria dance parties, spaghetti dinners, pets with sensitive stomachs, exploding pens, arts and crafts projects with 10 year olds, and bloody noses? You can only conceal common household stains up to certain point before a couch, chair or loveseat becomes an eyesore and begs to be replaced. Extended furniture life-support is not fair to the sullied, soiled couch in question, and it’s not fair to you.

However, replacing furniture, especially eco-furniture, isn’t cheap and unless you make an effort to donate it after officially biting the dust, it will become a large addition to your local waste stream. For many, slipcovers are a reasonable — financially and aesthetically — alternative to buying new furniture. New on the market are 100-percent organic cotton slipcovers for sofas and loveseats from Sure Fit.

Sure Fit’s restrained color options for the organic cotton collections aren’t going to blow your mind — choose from Sage, Linen, blue stripes or brown stripes — but they’re pleasant enough. The prices — ranging from $70 to $90 — are pleasant, too. The slipcovers are easy to install on a variety of sofas and loveseats and feature adjustable ties across the arms that you can knot or tie into a cutesy bow. And most importantly, the covers are a cinch to remove and reinstall if they get stained and need a good washing

Sure Fit Organic Cotton Slipcovers, Riverstone and Aspen Collections @ Sure Fit ($70 - $90)

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Images: Sure Fit

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The perfect fit
Instead of kicking that tattered, stained sofa to the curb, dress 'er up with a 100-percent organic cotton slipcover from Sure Fit.