I’m going to make it my mission to feature creative, eco-beneficial ways to reuse animal waste at least once a month. In March, it was Dung Bunnies — this month it’s all about building bricks made from cow poop — so if there’s anything you’re, ahem, dung ho about for May, please do let me know.

The aforementioned cow poop building brick, EcoFaeBrick, is the subject of a brief Fast Company article titled, “Would You Live in a House Made of Sh*t?” The quick answer: If the price was right, and it had water views, than yes.

Potty humor aside, EcoFaeBrick is the prize-winning invention of a group of students at Indonesia’s Prasetiya Mulya Business School. It’s a low-cost, lightweight, super-strong dung-based brick that’s meant for use in developing regions of Indonesia where cow dung, a completely renewable resource mind you, is less scarce (and environmentally destructive) than other brick-making materials like firewood and clay.

The folks behind EcoFaeBrick estimate that using cow dung instead of firewood to make brick saves about 1,692 tons of CO2 annually. Additionally, the detrimental excavation process that goes into procuring clay is circumvented and local farmers are given a healthy boost of business. 

I'm all for exploring the far-reaching potential of cow poop, even as a building material. Knowing that a material like EcoFaeBrick looks like regular clay brick, is strong as regular clay brick, and does not, I repeat, does not, smell, would you considering using it? I don't anticipate that we'll be seeing cow dung bricks emerge stateside as a popular building material anytime soon ... but perhaps in the future we can look forward to living in brownstones or chateaus of a whole other variety.

Via [TreeHugger] via [Fast Company]

Image: EcoFaeBrick

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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On today's menu of creative ways to reuse cow dung: EcoFaeBrick, a low-cost, super-strong alternative to clay bricks.