New York City in August is a ghost town. Why? A sizable chunk of the city has decamped en masse to the Hamptons for a bit of glitz-tinged R&R. Personally, I could do without all the beachside frippery but secure me an invite for an afternoon of cocktails on this double-decker Long Island “nest” and I’d be on the jitney in a jiffy.
Designed by musician/hair farmer/treehouse guru Roderick Romero this stunner of a two-story treehouse — more of twin people-sized birds nests, really — was built for $65,000 in five weeks. It has two separate platforms that total around 400-square feet. Although the prolific Romero has built 28 treehouses — some from celebrity clients like Sting and Donna Karan — this is the first work of his that I’ve seen. And fallen instantly in love with.
Built on the property of a press-shy couple named Lorna and John who were inspired by The Swiss Family Robinson and childhood tree climbing, the nests are constructed primarily from salvaged lumber and materials like nails reclaimed from an old barn, driftwood collected from the beach, and branches from a company called SavATree. Like with all of Romero’s projects, an arborist was consulted to assess the health of the tree(s) supporting the structure before building commenced.
Read more (or just fantasize) about this unique work of avian architecture at The New York Times


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

The Swiss Family Robinson does Long Island
Check out this double-decker, 65K treehouse in the Hamptons from celeb treehouse designer Roderick Romero.