Gardening has come up frequently on my blog over the past few weeks given the arrival of spring. To compliment my recent post on bringing the outdoors in via interior design, here's a quick look at Lightpot. The stylish, modern design of Lightpot incorporates a telescoping LED lamp — it grows as the plant grows —that keeps indoor plants and herbs happy and healthy (no, Designboom commenters, not those kind of plants) in addition to natural indoor light. Although not yet for sale, Kfir Schwalb and Orit Magia for Israel's Studio Shulab recently premiered the prototype of this unique table lamp/planter hybrid at IMM Cologne.

Dwell's Sarah Rich hits the brilliance of Lightpot right on the head:

Many an indoor planter has passed across the pixels of design blogs lately, always a clear symbol of sustainability, modern domesticity, and conscientious consumption. Not every countertop garden makes the grade where aesthetics are concerned, but Studio Shulab's Lightpot is an overachiever in the form and style department.

Images: Studio Shulab

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The two-in-one lamp/planter
Studio Shulab's Lightpot is a pot for growing indoor plants and herbs equipped with a lamp-esque LED fixture.