I can think of plenty of places in New York City that I wouldn’t mind spending a chunk of my time when not hunkered down in my Brooklyn apartment: Indoor pop-up parks, pop-up stores in bus terminals, non-pop-up outdoor parks like Governors Island and the High Line, Martha Stewart’s office, and various public places that haven’t been infested by bedbugs. The one place I’d rather not be in my spare time: Underground amongst the rats, lunatics, pan handlers, pickpockets, mole people, frightened tourists, marauding mariachi bands, and my fellow straphangers riding New York’s terribly managed (but surprisingly green) subway system.

I guess this isn’t the case with Adam Kushner, an architect who incorporated a lil’ bit of the NYC Subway into the home that he shares with his wife and twin children. To start, some of the walls in Kushner’s unusual penthouse in Manhattan’s West Village are lined with recycled subway tiles. And then there’s this: the entrance to the duplex and all of its closet doors are salvaged subway car doors.

Sure, while I do admire Kushner’s use of recycled materials to make a statement — there’s also a floor made from old deli cutting boards — and absolutely love the looks of the kitchen (the space-agey bedroom and the meditation pool/jacuzzi/shower near the entrance … not so much), I personally wouldn’t want to be reminded of the MTA every time I set foot in my own home.

Don’t share my sentiment? Well, it could be all yours. Sotheby’s is listing Kushner’s “sexy, unconventional, truly one-of-a-kind” two-bedroom home at 79 Barrow Street for $1.995 million. Included with the apartment are top-of-the-line appliances, bike storage, and a master bathroom with a see-through floor. Just think, to help pay off the mortgage you could make all of your guests, including your mother and the cleaning lady who commutes in from Queens, fork over $2.50 to step into your apartment. Or, you could invite a bunch of people over and not show up on time. The possibilities are endless ...

Read the entire listing and see more photos of the high-concept apartment over at Sotheby’s. New York Social Diary also has an insightful Q&A (and even more photos) with Kushner from back in 2007.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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A Manhattan apartment on the market for just under $2 million incorporatess item salvaged from the New York City Subway. Not included in the listing price? Rode