After months and months of ogling, I caved and bought a set of TwistTogether Lamps last week. Four of these super cool LED Legos don’t exactly cast a blinding glow but they do gently illuminate my living room and, as a night-light, prevent me from walking into walls and banging into chairs and tables at 2 a.m. As a kid, I had superb night vision but nowadays, at the ripe old age of 29, I feel like I should invest in a miner’s helmet lamp for nocturnal trips to the bathroom. 

Inspired by low-impact luminosity of TwistTogether Lamps, I hunted for a few more night-lights that use little energy and/or are made from interesting, eco-friendly materials. Take a look ... 

SUCK UK Glow Brick @ Greener Grass Design ($36)

This plug- and battery-free night-light designed by Alvaro Catalan De Ocon for SUCK UK consists of a phosphorescent light bulb housed in a clear acrylic brick. Natural daylight provides juice to the bulb so when night falls the brick lights up, casting a subtle, kinda spooky emerald glow. A great item for solar-curious kids.

Kikkerland LED Light Chandelier w/ stand @ Kikkerland Store ($23)

Yet another groovy item from the folks at Kikkerland …. add a touch of eco-elegance to a bathroom, hallway, or bedroom with this LED-powered mini chandelier. Arrange a few together for a “chandlier-elier.”

MIO Shroom Light @ MIO ($79)

From Philly-based sustainable design powerhouse MIO comes this nifty, nature-inspired lamp. Made in the US from locally sourced materials, the Shroom Lamp requires a CFL bulb. According to MIO, the lamp’s green credentials include “Renewable + Recyclable + Compostable + Environmentally Preferable Finish.”

A Glass of Milk Light @ ($14)

Got milk? A soothing, fun idea for scared-of-the-dark kids, this battery-powered (be sure to recharge ‘em) LED lamp looks just like a glass of milk. When powered on and standing upright, it casts a gentle glow. Flip it upside down and the light turns off.

Recycled Glass Night Lights @ Uncommon Goods ($38)

These standard plug-in night-nights have a beautiful green twist: the shades are handmade in Florida from recycled glass bottles. Available in three different designs: Oake Tree (pictured), Pineapple, and Palm Tree. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.