After months and months of ogling, I caved and bought a set of TwistTogether Lamps last week. Four of these super cool LED Legos don’t exactly cast a blinding glow but they do gently illuminate my living room and, as a night-light, prevent me from walking into walls and banging into chairs and tables at 2 a.m. As a kid, I had superb night vision but nowadays, at the ripe old age of 29, I feel like I should invest in a miner’s helmet lamp for nocturnal trips to the bathroom. 

Inspired by low-impact luminosity of TwistTogether Lamps, I hunted for a few more night-lights that use little energy and/or are made from interesting, eco-friendly materials. Take a look ... 

SUCK UK Glow Brick @ Greener Grass Design ($36)

This plug- and battery-free night-light designed by Alvaro Catalan De Ocon for SUCK UK consists of a phosphorescent light bulb housed in a clear acrylic brick. Natural daylight provides juice to the bulb so when night falls the brick lights up, casting a subtle, kinda spooky emerald glow. A great item for solar-curious kids.

Kikkerland LED Light Chandelier w/ stand @ Kikkerland Store ($23)

Yet another groovy item from the folks at Kikkerland …. add a touch of eco-elegance to a bathroom, hallway, or bedroom with this LED-powered mini chandelier. Arrange a few together for a “chandlier-elier.”

MIO Shroom Light @ MIO ($79)

From Philly-based sustainable design powerhouse MIO comes this nifty, nature-inspired lamp. Made in the US from locally sourced materials, the Shroom Lamp requires a CFL bulb. According to MIO, the lamp’s green credentials include “Renewable + Recyclable + Compostable + Environmentally Preferable Finish.”

A Glass of Milk Light @ ($14)

Got milk? A soothing, fun idea for scared-of-the-dark kids, this battery-powered (be sure to recharge ‘em) LED lamp looks just like a glass of milk. When powered on and standing upright, it casts a gentle glow. Flip it upside down and the light turns off.

Recycled Glass Night Lights @ Uncommon Goods ($38)

These standard plug-in night-nights have a beautiful green twist: the shades are handmade in Florida from recycled glass bottles. Available in three different designs: Oake Tree (pictured), Pineapple, and Palm Tree. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Things that go green in the night
Kids and hopelessly nyctophobic adults will appreciate these energy-efficient and eco-friendly interior night lights.