During a historic residence switch-up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue last month, I discussed the art of eco-friendly moving. The Wannabe table by Berlin-based design firm Llotllov — available for $290 through Sweden’s Personal Interior Design — is a beautifully designed, functional piece of furniture that’s ideal for those prone to chronic relocation.

The concept of the Wannabe is simple: It’s a powder coated steel table (available in orange, yellow, and white) that’s folded around an ordinary cardboard box. It extends the life of said cardboard box, something generally thrown out or recycled after a single use. The reuse of landfill-bound objects scores big points with me; the Wannabe gets bonus points for innovate design.

Unfortunately, since the Wannabe ships from Stockholm there’s the issue of packing the box-less table within a box. But wait — couldn’t you just use the box the table ships in? Genius.

Wannabe by Llotllov @ Personal Interior Design; Riddargaten 25, Stockholm, Sweden; worldwide shipping available.

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Images: PID.Se

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