Is is just me or does everyone I know (myself included) have a birthday in late December, January, and February? Having high birthday season directly follow the holidays can be a bit exhausting and by Valentine's Day, I'm usually gifted out. 

Wendy James and Jane Hunter -- two au courant blondes with impeccable, eco-oriented taste -- fill in that "what birthday gift to buy next?" gap with their company, Organica Deluxe. Once any birthday boy or girl sets eyes on Organica Deluxe's stylish blue gift boxes (75 percent post-consumer content tissue paper and and cornstarch shipping peanuts are used) they'll be antsy to tear it open and see what's inside. James and Hunter have a knack for curating luxurious, high-end (most start at $45) gift items that support organic farmers, sustainable manufacturers, and eco-friendly artisans so whatever gift you settle on giving, the recipient -- no matter how refined their tastes -- should be tickled green.

For the home, choose from Dayna Decker's coutre candles made with botanical wax and an organic EcoWood Wick ($55); a super-comfy organic cotton fleece blanket ($130); Living Green reed fragrance diffusers made from 100 percent natural essential oils ($45); oversized, silk screened journals filled with recycled kraft paper ($65); a handsome coffee table book on organic gardening by Prince Charles; and much more. There's also a range of baby itemsflowers, wine, snacks, and chocolate to choose from.

And for the real icing on the B-day cake: After birthday boy or girl has opened their super-lux eco-gift (and thanked you for your originality and thoughtfulness, natch), be sure to tell them that the purchase allows Organica Deluxe to support the Carbon Fund Foundation and other humanitarian and environmental charities. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Thinking outside the box
Organica Deluxe's fancy green gift boxes are filled with haute responsibility.