Remember my post a few months back about designer Jack Bresnahan’s ‘Tin Can Lids,’ a series of nine biodegradable plastic tin can toppers meant to turn last night’s can of chili into a toothbrush holder, vase, desktop organizer, and so on?

I was pretty smitten with the concept — and the idea of giving landfill or recycle bin-bound objects a second lease on life, in general — so I was thrilled to recently stumble across designer Jorre van Ast’s Jar Tops for Royal VKB.

While Bresnahan’s ‘Tin Can Lids’ are an award-winning design concept, Jar Tops are award-winning and for sale. And the other big difference? Instead of tin cans, polypropylene Jar Tops are meant to be screwed on top of old glass jars … pickles, mustard, pasta sauce, and what have you. Apparently, 90 percent of jars have standard-size threads so Jar Tops can transform almost any empty jar into a sugar shaker, a cocoa shaker, a creamer, a petite water pitcher, an oil/vinegar vessel, or whatever you fancy. Added bonus: they're dishwasher-safe. 

I’ve been in the habit of saving old Bonne Maman preserve jars for some time now. I reuse them as cocktail tumblers for breakage-prone houseguests (I save the nice glasses for steadier hands). Now I’m thinking I should start stockpiling even more old jars and repurpose them into kitchenware.


What do you think of the idea behind Jar Tops? How do you creatively repurpose old jars around the house? 

Jar Tops from Jorre van Ast/Royal VKB  @ A+R Store ($25/set of 5 tops)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Try topping that
Sleek, good-looking and ready to shine on the kitchen counter, Royal VKB's Jar Tops let you to hang onto old jars and give them a useful second life.