So, let’s get a little sci-fi here for a moment and say, hypothetically, in the wake of some sort of apocalyptic event, zombie-related or otherwise, you were forced to leave your home and start anew on another planet (or groovy space colony, I suppose) in a galaxy far, far away. Let’s also say you could only bring with you one piece of hand luggage to your new interplanetary home. What kind of bag would you bring and what would you fill it with? Treasured family photos albums? Your grandmother’s pearls? A bottle of wine and your favorite books? The boxed set of the entire series of “Gilmore Girls?”
How about a plant?
That’s what Marcel Besau and Eva Marguerre of Hamburg-based design firm Studio Besau Marguerre in collaboration with Adrien Petrucci settled on for their contribution to “Another Terra: A Home Away From Home," a group exhibition at Milan Design Week 2012 in which 16 designers were asked to respond to the question: “If you had to envisage life on some other habitable planet other than earth, what kind of minimal hand luggage would you take with you?”
Okay, so Besau, Marguerre, and Petrucci’s creation, “Greenhouse To Go,” isn’t just a plant. As you can see, it’s an entire enclosed glass terrarium secured with leather carrying straps that’s not too much larger (and probably not much more heavier) than your average day bag. How very au courant  and planet colonizing luggage aside, I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone carrying one of these stylish, soil-filled accessories around certain cities. You know, just toting my little greenhouse aroundmy basil-filled Birkin.
However, “Greenhouse To Go” is more than just a fashion-forward stab at the mobile gardening trend. Explain the designers:
From the most primitive needs to the most evolve transformations, plants have always been a key element in human development. Oxygen, food, cloth, color, medecine: At the core of civilization remain our relation with vegetales and the tools and crafts that result of it. On a foreign planet, plant could witness for us if this land could be a new Garden of Eden. Therefore one of our luggage must insure the preservation of this precious resource if we want to be sure to make home on another terra.
Okay, there’s a bit lost in translation there, but you get the point. “Greenhouse To Go” is a striking-looking, thoughtful concept and all, but me? I’d rather just fill my pockets with seedbombs and call it a day. Plus, can you imagine what a pain it would be to fit a carry-on like this into the overhead bin of a planet-colonizing space shuttle?
Click here for images of "Greenhouse To Go" including ones of it being modeled in a man wearing astronaut garb. 
Via [DesignBoom]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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