Falling somewhere between a garden shed, your basic cabin in the woods, and an ice shanty minus the ice comes viVood, a prefabricated holiday hut that, like many simple-to-assemble tiny houses before it, is geared toward the glamping set — you know, people who fancy the idea of sleeping outdoors but are partial to doing so in shelters that are a touch more significant than a heap of coated nylon and a few fiberglass poles.

Although the glamping experience is central to the viVood marketing campaign, the Valencia, Spain-based company behind it — a collective of “architects, manufacturers, professionals in marketing, branding and design specialists and consultants for the development of sustainable tourism destinations” — has created a tent alternative that doesn’t appear to be dripping with glamor. In fact, the timber micro-dwelling is a rather spartan affair and unostentatious in appearance. Still, the versatile little unit — models start at a petite 155-square-feet — does look like a mighty nice place to hunker down for the night under the stars.
In addition to the use of sustainable and locally sourced materials, viVood offers an environmentally sensitive sort of accommodation given that the units can be erected — and dissembled — in a single afternoon using modular components that arrive as an easy-to-transport kit. No foundation-laying or extensive site work is necessary although, like with a tent, having a few extra hands to help erect the structure would probably be helpful.
viVood accommodations are totally respectful of the environment in which they are situated, in such a way that as time goes by, if there’s a need to dismantle them, the environment will remain exactly as it was before the arrival of viVood.
And given the ephemeral nature of the viVood concept, the structures can easily be taken off the grid with (optional) integrated solar panels, rainwater collectors, and a composting toilet. Kitchens are not included.
As Gizmag points out, viVood would also make for a rather lovely backyard guest cottage/studio/office/pool house in non-glamping/sustainable tourism scenarios.

Head on over to the viVood website for plenty more info and imagery.

Like what you see? Or would your ideal glamping retreat be a little more gussied-up?

Via [Gizmag]

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