Although it’s been a long while since I’ve grabbed a DVD from the $5 bin at Target or purchased one online, I’ve still managed to amass a decent collection of films and TV shows over the years: "Pee Wee’s Big Adventure," "Chinatown," a few delightfully horrible 1980s Italian horror films, "Designing Women" seasons one, two and three.


I don’t pay much mind to where my DVD collection is stashed — they’re under the TV, neatly arranged in a cheap IKEA media console that’s covered with a textile, totally obscured from view — but I know more than a few folks who like to proudly display their impeccable taste in cinema for all to see. For that, there’s this collapsible media storage option that’s actually so eye-catching that it just might overshadow its contents. And that’s not a bad thing … unless you’re just dying for someone to comment on the fact that you own “Overboard” on Blu ray.

Buenos Aires-based designers Lucas Desimone and Matias Resich recently joined together to launch VU35, a handcrafted product line that relies heavily on two basic materials: wood and discarded 35mm movie film stock. The duo’s first creation, a collapsible two-shelf unit called Filmantes is quite a looker. The tightly pulled reels of film (five on each end) come from a previous collaboration of Desimone’s with a film distributor and the wooden shelves are plucked from Resich’s carpentry workshop. And, yes, once upon a time 35mm film was highly flammable when it was nitrate-based. But newer, synthetic polyester-based film, like the kind supporting these shelves, is extremely durable and won’t turn your apartment building into the “Towering Inferno.” And of course, you, needn't just use the shelves for films — I imagine some small potted plants, books, and assorted tsotchkes would work nicely as well. 

The shelves cost around $85 a pop through VU35, but I can imagine if you’re in possession of old (but not too old) film and some mad carpentry skills, you could make something similar yourself at home. And if you do happen to procure Filmantes directly through VU35, you can’t pick what film your shelving unit is partially made from. So, please, don’t make any special requests for a shelf made from “Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol” because it’s not going to happen.


More over VU35 (en espanol). 


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Images: Lucas Desimone/VU35


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VU35: Media storage that's ready for its close-up
For eco-minded cineastes who don't mind if their choice in media storage overshadows their actual film collection comes a collapsible shelving unit handcrafted