Lots more on TreeHugger founder Graham Hill's LifeEdited apartment over at faircompanies. The full "before" video featuring a SuChin Pak-led tour of the then-cramped (and shower-less) space prior to its extensive, crowdsourced redesign can also be found here.

Of course, there's also the fantastic LifeEdited website which doesn't simply detail the space-saving nuts and bolts — moving walls! Magnetized curtains! Murphy beds! Multifunctional everything! — of Hill's slick "LE1" apartment in SoHo. Rather, Hill's vision has been extended into a full-on lifestyle brand centered around designing "your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy."

And it's great to see Hill's Urbio modular planter-clad kitchen cabinets stocked not only with sporks but with his ceramic revamp of those iconic NYC deli coffee cups ...

Via [faircompanies]

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Watch: Graham Hill's LifeEdited apartment, revisited
When faircompanies visited Graham Hill's 420 square foot Manhattan flat back in 2010, it hadn't yet morphed into a transformative apartment with the functionali