For most of us, a good, hearty spring cleaning doesn’t just entail throwing together a multi-purpose cleaner made from baking soda or marching to Goodwill with a sack full of sartorial castaways. If only it was that easy.

This seasonal ritual of home purging and beautifying usually involves a lot of “re” work: reorganizing, rearranging, readjusting, removing, etc. Often, after the dust bunnies are exterminated and things are adjusted to your liking, you’ll find you need more or different shelving solutions.

I’m digging Way Basics, a company that sells affordable, tool-less, waste-less, shelving systems and furniture made from zBoard, a versatile and recyclable material made from recycled paper products. In lieu of nails, screws, and the like, super-strength adhesive strips hold everything together. Paper shelving held together with sticky tape does make me a bit nervous, but from what I've seen, everything looks super sturdy and the ZBoard technology is quite remarkable. Just don't overdo it ... dividers are available if you want to go over the 50 pound/per shelf weight limit.  

The three different lines from Way Basics — the Basic Series, the Kraft Series and the Possibility Series — are great for folks who inspire to go the DIY-route with shelving but are intimidated by the high cost of individual “cubes” and the prospect of a complicated build process that may be near impossible to “undo” if you screw up (case in point: the lovely Cubitec Shelving from DWR). It doesn’t hurt that the end-product looks great holding just about anything in just about any room.

Way Basics also encourages DIY decoration. The components in the Basic Series, for example, come in a variety of colors like green, orange, espresso and cedar but you can always just go with white and stick on some decals or add your own creative touch.

I’m good on shelving for the time being but I totally have my eye on the Deco Desk in black (pictured above). Just my luck, it’s sold out.  

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Images: Way Basics

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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Reorganizing after a zesty spring cleaning sesh? Build the ultimate waste-less, tool-less shelving unit with zBoards from Way Basics.