Excuse my rather ineloquent reaction but holy hell, check out this building

It’s called Flower Tower and it’s without a doubt the greenest apartment building in all of Paris. Literally. Designed by renowned architect and green wall designer Edouard François, Flower Tower would be an otherwise humdrum, grey-toned housing block rising 10 stories from Rue Albert Rousell in the 17th Arrondissement if it weren’t for the building’s most distinguishing feature: 380 lush, potted bamboo plants lining the building’s balcony ledges.

Okay, so the name of the shrub-like building is inaccurate given that bamboo isn’t really a flower but I’m willing to forgive. The plants themselves — “forming a shaggy green corona around the building, like some unruly organic coiffure,” in the words of Architectural Review — are housed in a series of oversized concrete planters that are embedded into the structure so that they aren’t knocked off — whoops! — a balcony ledge by high winds or a clumsy resident after imbibing too many glasses of Lillet. A series of tubes running throughout the façade of the building supply water and fertilizer to the plants. However, I imagine that since bamboo grows quite rapidly, periodic trimming has to be performed by hand. 

Perhaps most importantly, aside from giving the building its unusual and verdant visual appeal, the bamboo “skin” helps to keep the residences within the building naturally insulated in the winter and diffuses light and heat during the summer months, reducing energy costs.
I wasn’t aware that Flower Tower even existed until recently spotting it over at Inhabitat. Not surprisingly, the building has received numerous accolades since being built. Jonathan Glancey wrote in a 2004 edition of The Guardian: ”It looks like a giant display of potted plants, it sings in the breeze — and it's one of the best places to live in Paris.The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau even lists the Maison Végetale as a monument." On that note, I haven’t visited France in several years but the next time I do, I officially have one additional Parisian tower to mug for a photo-op in front of. 

Via [Inhabitat]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

What's tall and French and green all over?
It's none other than Flower Tower, a Parisian apartment block boasting an exterior clad with 380 potted bamboo plants that help residents reduce energy costs wh