Bo Obama fever has finally settled now that the handsome Portuguese water dog himself is settled into his new presidential pad (and is hopefully napping on an eco-friendly doggy bed).

Just this past week, Bo’s official White House portrait was published and Bo fever has spiked again. It’s a beautiful shot – the kid’s a natural – snapped on the South Lawn by White House photog Chuck Kennedy. The purpose of the photo is more for public consumption and historical record but I’m guessing the Obama family salvaged a few shots from the photo sesh for personal use. Maybe they’ve tacked one to the fridge or framed a few and set ‘em atop the White House’s many mantles. Who knows?

Growing up, framed photos of the family shih tzu, Teddy, took up ample interior décor real estate around my house. Yes, there was even a special photo of Teddy sitting in Santa’s lap in a Christmas-y canine frame that came out during the holidays. He may or may have not been wearing mini, plush antlers in the photo. Surprisingly, I grew up to be a relatively normal, well-adjusted adult.

But I digress ... here are five eco-friendly picture frames fit for a presidential pooch, a non-presidential pooch, or even a human. All are made from a variety of unlikely recycled materials. If you're after reclaimed wood, check out the offerings from Green House Framing. Vintage stores and estate sales are also great places to pick up interesting, earth-friendly frames. 

Recycled Tin Frames @ Uncommon Goods ($130)

These elegant, vintage-chic picture frames are handmade from reclaimed ceiling tin by Margaret Taylor in Georgia. Since they’re made from recycled materials exact color and size will vary but they’re designed to hold 8x10 snapshots.


Resource Revival Bicycle Chain Frame @ Resource Revival (5x7, $39.99; 4x6, $37.95)

Graham Bergh’s Oregon-based company Resource Revival has been producing home goods and gifts made from recycled bicycle parts since 1994. The Bicycle Chain picture frame is one of RR’s classic items.


LP Record Photo Frame @ ($22)

Handmade by RISD-trained artist Jeff Davis, this audiophile-friendly 7x7 picture frame is crafted from a salvaged vinyl LP that escaped the landfill after its initial use.

Recycled Newspaper Picture Frame @ 7 Loaves ($14.95)

This unusual, beautiful frame is handcrafted in Thailand with intricately rolled pieces of recycled newspaper. The frame holds 4x6 photos.

PF3 Recycled Circuit Board Picture Frame @ DebbyAremDesigns’ Etsy Shop ($55)

This one-of-a-kind frame is made from a recycled dark green circuit board and embellished with scrap metal and vintage brass and faux lucite jewelry. Holds 3.5x5 photographs.

Image: Official White House Photostream

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Who framed Bo Obama?
The First Pooch just had his official portrait taken. Here's a few White House-worthy eco picture frames worth vetting.