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7 industrial projects reborn as creative public spaces

By: Sidney Stevens on July 18, 2012, 6:05 p.m.
Floyd Bennett Airfield

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Floyd Bennett Airfield

Like to sleep under the stars but live in the city (specifically New York City)? Not to worry: You don’t have to go far to enjoy a wilderness snooze. Floyd Bennett Field, a once-thriving municipal airport that opened in Brooklyn in 1931 and served as a key Naval air station during World War II, offers rustic urban camping on some of its 387 acres (part of Gateway National Recreation Area on Jamaica Bay). The federal government plans to expand the number of campsites to 90 in the next two years and possibly up to 600 after that, making it the largest urban campground in the nation. While you’re there, enjoy some city-side hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking and swimming.