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8 clearly cool glass houses

By: Matt Hickman on July 29, 2012, 5:32 p.m.
glass house in snowy woods

Photo: Santambrogiomilano

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Glass Home

Architects: Carlo Santambrogio, Ennio Arosio

Location: Milan

Milanese architect Carlo Santamrogio and furniture designer Ennio Arosio didn’t just stop at blue-tinted glass walls when conceiving Glass Home: Nearly everything inside this cube-shaped concept home is constructed from glass, from the shelving to the staircase to the bathtub. Even the sofa and the bed boast glass frames designed specifically for the project. Cozy! The glass itself is between 6 and 7 millimeters thick and can be specially heated during the colder months. And while the home’s tranquil, sylvan setting makes the whole lack of privacy thing a bit easier to swallow, this isn’t to say you won’t attract a rapt audience of woodland creatures every morning when you groggily descend downstairs in your underpants to make an omlette in your fully glass kitchen.