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9 of the world's thinnest buildings

By: Shea Gunther on Nov. 7, 2011, 9:54 a.m.
A child and a woman stand in front of the Skinny House in Long Beach, California

Photo: DRosenbach [CC by SA-3.0]/Wikimedia Commons

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Cool, thin homes

Some of the thinnest homes in the world are impossibly skinny — a person holding their arms out to the side could touch both walls! It's not such a big deal for a small, single-story shed to be a few feet wide, but it's a different situation when a three- or four-story apartment building is that wide. Some skinny buildings were built as "spite houses," built by people upset about injustices visited upon them by neighbors, city councils or even family members. Other skinny buildings were built to settle a bet. The Long Beach skinny house in California (pictured) was assembled in 1932 by a man who wanted to win a bet that he couldn't build a house on a 10-foot by 50-foot lot. Whatever the reason for their construction, skinny buildings are simply fun. We've scoured the Web high and low to find some of the coolest, thinnest buildings on the block for your enjoyment.