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Cargotecture: 5 shipping container hot spots

By: Jennifer Nelson on July 30, 2013, 9:59 a.m.
Keetwonen dorm, University of Amsterdam

Photo: ZUMA Press

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Keetwonen dorm, University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam's Keetwonen was launched in 2005 as temporary student housing and is the largest shipping container village in the world, according to its manufacturer. Each shipping container dorm room comes complete with a kitchenette, powder room, separate sleep and study areas, a large window and auto vent system, and heat from a central boiler.

Initial fears that students living in this “container village” would be cramped, noisy, too hot, too cold or too impractical have been dispelled. The dorm rooms are spacious, quiet, well insulated and one of the most popular student housing options in Amsterdam.