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Cargotecture: 5 shipping container hot spots

By: Jennifer Nelson on July 30, 2013, 9:59 a.m.
Platoon Kunstalle

Photo: Platoon Kunstalle/Facebook

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Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin

This cargo complex in Berlin is made from 34 recycled shipping containers and houses a cultural center for art events and exhibitions. Modeled after an existing shipping container structure in Seoul, South Korea, Kunsthalle (German for exhibition hall) is dedicated to the underground/subculture art scene. It also has the puzzling ability to be rearranged to fit various venue exhibits by way of a giant crane. Imagine renting a venue space and then rearranging the actual space per your every artistic desire.

The first floor houses the main lecture hall space with room for parties and presentations. There is also a bar and restaurant for cocktails and food at events. Smaller rooms house exhibits, performance art events, workshops and other cultural happenings.