The bedroom is where we dream, and with any luck, it’s also where dreams come true. So whether you’re sleeping or entertaining a guest, creating a healthy, eco-aware bedroom is the surest way to achieve personal contentment and induce planetary afterglow.

The desire for a greener bedroom has led some of the world’s largest retailers to offer comfy, environmentally sound products at an accessible price. Bed, Bath & Beyond, the giant home goods retailer, offers an exclusive organic lineup starting with Eco Luxe 300-thread count organic cotton mattress pads ($49.99 to $89.99). Cover them with Simply Organic 230-thread count organic cotton flannel or sateen sheet sets ($39.99 and $79.99). You can also pick up comparably priced organic cotton herringbone blankets tinted with colorful low-impact dyes. Even pillows have gotten an eco-upgrade. Rest your head on pillows stuffed with recycled fiber and covered in 300-thread count organic cotton for just $19.99.

B, B & B’s also got you covered in the organic bathroom. Deliciously soft organic cotton bath towels sell for $14.99. Hand towels are $10.99, and washcloths are just $6.99. Choose from eight shades of blue, green, brown or white.

Green and affordable, too

Good green design is becoming more affordable and accessible, but it’s at Wal-Martwhere the prices are naturally unbeatable. Wal-Mart is turning ingeo, a renewable fiber made from the byproducts of corn, into affordable comforters and mattress pads. The soft mattress pads range between $44.88 and $69.88 while comforters are between $49.88 and $79.88. Wal-Mart organic cotton towel sets are available at prices that boggle the eco-friendly imagination. Available in a variety of colors, a complete organic cotton towel set — including a bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth — will set you back just $14.99.

West ElmTargetJ.C. Penney and Gaiam are also in on the organic cotton bed and bath trend. Here’s a hint: Turn to Pottery Barn Teen for whimsical organic cotton sheets that will also please those over 20. The Fresh Flower organic cotton sheet sets start at $79.99 for a twin bed and go up to $129 for a queen. And Eco-Stripe’s narrow rows of red, brown, green, yellow and white create a warm, modern feel on any bed.

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Excerpted from Josh's latest book, "The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget."

How can I create a greener bedroom?
The Lazy Environmentalist says creating an eco-friendly bedroom will improve your planetary afterglow. (And you'll certainly sleep well.)