Most students don’t get many zzzzz’s during the school year, so when the head does finally hit the bed it’s nice to know you’re not sleeping on a bunch of chemicals.

Though students are a bit limited when it comes to greening their dorm rooms, they can get around those limits by planning ahead. To find stylish organic cotton sheets that also fit college dorms beds try online stores like Pristine Planet or Pottery Barn Teen. These sheets are just as soft as the conventional ones, minus all the chemicals. And since dorm beds aren’t exactly 5-star quality, pad up your rock hard bed with natural wool mattress pads that are fluffy, absorbent and fire-retardant. Unlike the regulation vinyl dorm mattress, these pads won’t force you to “go to the mattresses” with hormone-disrupting phthalates. Finally, ensure a good night’s sleep with a chemical-free, bamboo pillow. Fluffier than you would assume, these pillows are super comfortable and can be found in retail stores like Target.

Story by Jessica A. Knoblauch. This article originally appeared in Plenty in August 2008.

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Green dorm sheets
Don't lose any sleep at night; your green conscience can rest at ease with eco-friendly organic bedding.