It's been sitting in the corner of your couch pleading with you not to look in its practically pathetic direction. Torn, tattered and tossed one too many times across the room, your absolute fave throw pillow is not likely to pass the tests of time. If only your fluffy friend were made of a bit stronger stuff! (Collective sigh) Save yourself the disappointment the next time around and reach for Reform School's Repurposed Seatbelt Pillow. Made from deadstock and recycled seatbelts, this tough little couch potato is at once cute and totally durable. Plus, it comes in the sweetest selection of floral. Looks like you and this throw pillow, well, you're officially friends forever.

This article originally appeared in Plenty in April 2008. The story was added to

Svelte belt
Turns out seat belts not only save your life, they save the lives of your pillows, also (if you buy some made from them).