Birdhouses of the World: Winestone birdhouses

Photo: © Layla Coates

In "Birdhouses of the World," author Anne Schmauss (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2014) offers readers a fascinating, "stop-you-in-your-tracks" tour of birdhouses crafted by designers and bird enthusiasts all around the world, including the eclectically quirky Winestone Birdhouses seen above.

Birdhouses of the WorldOf course, not all bird species will live in birdhouses — only cavity nesters are interested in making their homes inside tree trunks and other hollowed out spaces. Sadly, due to deforestation and human encroachment, these cavity nesters are becoming more and more scarce. All the more reason to install a nest box or two in your backyard!

While they are all visually striking, some of the birdhouses featured in the book are more functional than others. The book is careful to indicate which boxes are practical for outdoor use and which are more suited as art pieces.

Schmauss defines a functional birdhouse as "one that will safely and effectively house a bird and its family." That means the box and entrance hole are sized to fit the bird you hope to attract. There also needs to be plenty of drainage and ventilation for the health, safety and comfort of its avian inhabitants.

Continue below for more examples of some of the amazing birdhouses featured in the book, which is now available for purchase.

Birdhouses of the World: Spontaneous City

Photo: © London Fieldworks

"Spontaneous City" by London Fieldworks

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Birdhouses of the World: Crooked Creations two-story birdhouse

Photo: © Paige Eden Photography, Inc.

"Two-story Birdhouse" by Crooked Creations Birdhouses

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Birdhouses of the World: Modern

Photo: © Amadeus Leitner

"Modern 'Ralph' Birdhouse" by Nathan Weiler

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Birdhouses of the World: Dambo trash tree

Photo: © Thomas Dambo Winther

"Trash Tree" by Dambo Birdhouses

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Birdhouses of the World: Weathered wonders birdhouses

Photo: © Dave and Steve Maslowski

"Weather Wonders Birdhouse" by David Bruce

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Birdhouses of the World: Baya birdhouse

Photo: © Heiner Orth

"Baya Birdhouses" by Hadi Tehrani

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These creative, whimsical birdhouses will make you wish you were a bird
In "Birdhouses of the World," author Anne Schmauss offers readers a fascinating tour of birdhouses crafted all around the world.