Jill Cordes gives you several ways you can start to green your home without breaking the bank. (Courtesy: Brighter Living)



Saving water and electricity around the house isn't just good for your wallet, it’s also good for the environment and you can save these important resources by making some simple home improvements that cost less than you think. A quick, inexpensive place to start? Install aerators on faucets. They’re screw-on mesh screens that break up the water droplets, allowing you to use less water but with just as much rinsing power. Next, check and clean your refrigerator coils. The more dirt that builds up, the less efficient they are at transferring heat, so it takes more energy to cool your food.  They’re usually underneath or behind and you can clean them with a long-handled brush. Do you often run the faucet to get hot water? Well, for less than $300.00, you can install a recirculating pump under the sink. It takes the not yet hot water and shoots it back to the water heater. Once the water gets hot, the pump shuts off, so no matter when you turn on the tap, you get hot water instantly. This saves water and energy. Since the water going back to the heater is already warm, reheating it takes less time and less energy. I’m Jill Cordes.


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